Pestemal Styles

The pestemal is part of a long cultural tradition. This is the towel used in the Turkish bath or "hamam." The pestemal can be used as

  • an excellent spa companion serving as a towel or wrap
  • an after shower or massage cover-up
  • a pareo over a swim suit
  • a practical towel for backpacking and boating
  • a travel towel taking up very little space and air drying very quickly.

All styles are made of 100% cotton produced and woven in Turkey. Dyes are colorfast.

Due to the unique nature of this imported product, Giden Imports reserves the right to change styles and prices based on availability.

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Style KM1001, KM1002, and KM1003 (shown)
Perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor life in subtle stripes with hand tied fringe.
KM1001 in blue, orange and green
KM1002 in blue, red and orange
KM1003 in blue, red and green

30.75" x 62.5"
9 oz.
100% Cotton

Style WW2001
Gossamer yet sturdy white floss on white.
38" x 55.5"
6 oz.
100% Cotton
Style GB3001
Sunset colors on an open weave.
31" x 65"
7 oz.
100% Cotton
Style OI4001
Traditional IKAT pattern of tie-dyed threads in geometric pattern with hand tied fringe.
36.5" x 57"
6 oz.
100% Cotton
Style NI5001
"New" IKAT pattern in densely woven, lightweight thread.
36.25" x 64"
9 oz.
100% Cotton