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We are happy that you have chosen to try the pestemal. There are a few things we would like you to know. Giden Imports only buys from producers whom we have visited. Some are village textile mills and some are cottage industry. Styles and colors may vary slightly due to the nature of village production, availability and the speed of their journey from Turkey to your door. Our tag is your assurance that these textiles have endured the legal customs entry process. The Turkish weavers send their gratitude for your interest in their production. Prices may vary due to availability and distance of their journey to the states.

You can expect your pestemal to soften with age. Always wash it before your first use. After the first washing the fringes may become distressed. Just trim the unwanted strings. This is a natural part of the pestemal adjusting from the loom to its useful life.

We inspect each and every pestemal before it is sent to you. If you should find a flaw, please don't hesitate to email us and we will accommodate you.

You may email Giden at  if you have more questions about products not shown. The order form may be printed and mailed with your check to Pence Revington, 317 Center Ave, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572. Your order will be shipped within 2 days of payment. Please tell us if any part of your order is a gift!

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Print out this page and mail your check, payable to Pence Revington, with your order to:

Giden Imports 
317 Center Ave.
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Questions? Contact:

Please indicate quantity next to style:

  K.Maras 1001 - $15.00 each
  K. Maras 1002 - $15.00 each
  K. Maras 1003 - $15.00 each
  White/White Silk 2001 - $17.00 each
  G. Batiyor 3001 $15.00 each
  Old IKAT 4001 - $25.00 each
New IKAT 5001 - $22.00 each
Shipping Charges:
For orders $0-$30 add   $5.00
For orders $30.01-$60 add   $7.00
For orders $60.01-$100 add   $9.00
For orders $100.01-$150 add   $12.00
Above $150 please call for quantity discount 

For international orders, please inquire about shipping costs.

Wisconsin orders add items plus shipping plus 5.5% sales tax.  Amount Enclosed (payable to Pence Revington) $  (including shipping)

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